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Peguis Arena


Start Date: October 2012
Expected Completion: Winter 2014

The new Peguis Community Multiplex and Recreation Facility will be state of the art and host exercise, sports and entertainment and includes a steam room and sauna in stage one development. There are two other phases, one that will include a pool. NDL Construction (general contractor for the complex) are the contractors secured for the work.

"I am happy to be able to partner with the province on this new arena project. Peguis First Nation will see many benefits from this important new facility including community building, increased wellness for all ages, and safe and healthy activities for our youth. The community is grateful to see this much‑needed facility become a reality," said Peguis Chief Glenn Hudson.

The community was devastated when the previous arena was destroyed by fire in 2007 as it was well utilized by both young & old alike. Hockey rinks had to be rented in other communities with many hours of travel involved.

The new complex will seat 2,200 people and be available for conferences and concerts. It will be the largest facility in the Interlake outside of the city of Winnipeg.

The new two-storey arena will be 69,000 square feet in size and will feature:

a skating rink,
a walking track,
grandstands to seat 1,800 people,
office space,
concessions, and
eight dressing rooms.

The province is providing funding of $5.6 million and an application has been submitted to the federal government for another $5.6 million. The Surrender Claim Trust will cover $10.6 million in construction costs.

"A recreational complex is often the source of community pride and a gathering place for all ages" said Infrastructure and Transportation Minister Steve Ashton. "Our government is pleased to be able to help ensure this important facility gets back up and running to provide a whole host of fun, healthy activities"

"The new arena will meet current recreational challenges left following a devastating fire that destroyed the old arena in 2007" said Ashton.

The target date is for Winter 2013.

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  Peguis Arena

Sod Turning Ceremony

On Oct. 1, at 10:00 a.m. Peguis First Nation Arena Committee and NDL Construction Ltd. signed a contract for a new arena complex to be built in Peguis with a total project cost of approximately $16 million.

This has been years in the planning, and it’s finally coming to fruition now,” said Glen Cochrane, General Manager of CP Construction.

We’ve been waiting since 2007, when our arena burnt down, we’ve been working at it the last four years” said Chief Glenn Hudson, Peguis First Nation. “Now the money is in place.”

  Peguis Arena


Peguis First Nation witnessed the signing of the contract between The Peguis Arena Committee and NDL Construction on Monday October 01,2012.

The event took place at the Peguis Flood Centre. The long awaited event paved the way for construction to begin of the Peguis Community MultiPlex  and Recreation Facility.

  Peguis Arena

Geothermal Pilot Program


April 22, 2013

C.P Construction L.P. is proud to begin the process of training 15 local band members to participate in the Geothermal Trades Training Program. The 5-week training program, which begins today, will consist of installation and maintenance of geothermal for 50 units within Peguis First Nation. Successful completion of this training program may lead to a long-term employment opportunity for individuals.

The PAYS Geothermal Pilot Program is being recognized internationally as a first of it’s kind. The Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs housing department has been working with industry partners including Manitoba Hydro to test alternative energy sources for First Nations housing. Peguis First Nation was selected as the community for the feasibility study that will see up to 50 homes being heated by geothermal energy. The project is being made possible by the Government of Manitoba's New Energy Savings Act, which allows Manitoba Hydro to finance energy efficiency and ground source heat pump projects that have acceptable paybacks.

This project brings several benefits to our housing plans which the Housing Board has been working on,” said Chief Glenn Hudson. “The project dovetails with our housing policy which is based on sustainability in terms of the environment and fiscal responsibility. Not only is geothermal energy environmentally friendly, but it will result in heat cost savings that will amount to millions of dollars over the longer term.”

Peguis First Nation annually spends approximately $2 million in hydro subsidies and payments for social and subsidized housing. Geothermal heat pump systems are energy efficient and environmentally friendly. They use the earth's renewable energy to heat or cool your home.

Geothermal technology provides the following benefits:

  1. lower annual heating costs (up to 70 per cent);
  2. reduced environmental impact from lower energy consumption;
  3. increased comfort and proven reliability.

Geothemal equipment and installations are an expensive up-front cost that normally aren't within the scope of housing projects for that reason,” said Lloyd Sinclair, chair of the Peguis Housing Board. “But if you can get this absorbed by a pilot like we have here, it's a tremendous boost to our efforts to solve our housing crisis.”

Upon completion, C.P. Construction L.P. will be fully certified to install and maintain geothermal homes.

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  Flood Replacement Homes

Flood Replacement Homes


January 16, 2013

As many of you are aware there have been new housing going on in the community. Nine (9) to be exact, 3 of which are being stick built on site and 6 of which were in panel format ordered from Pacific Homes in British Columbia and constructed on the old Arena site.

The purpose of the homes is to replace homes damaged through numerous flooding disasters over the past years. Progress started this past August and carried on to date. The estimated time of completion is not known at this time due to hydro not being connected yet. However, all 9 homes are on foundations ready for servicing.

The moving of the homes was handled by Reimer Home Building Movers based out of Arborg. All moves were done two homes at a time. The first move was on November 30, 2012, then two more each week after that.

The following individuals are the 9 homeowners:
Norma Hallett, Billy Sutherland, Ed Prince, Doug Bear, Miranda Daniels, Loretta Watt, Renald Smith, Len Thompson, and Troy Stevenson

The next Phase of the Flood Replacement Homes will include six (6) homes of the same style and layout built on the old Arena site. CP Construction is now waiting on approval from AANDC to provide funding to begin construction. All of the labor is done with local employees and the majority of the materials ordered threw Peguis Home Hardware.

  Flood Replacement Homes



Dates: 2012 - 2014

Chief Peguis Construction erected two ring dikes in Peguis First Nation in 2012 to help with long term flood midigation. We plan on erecting more ring dikes in the near future within Peguis First Nation based on recommendations.


Mould Abatement


Dates: 2012 - 2014

Mold Abatement is the process of removing and cleaning mold from a mold infected unit. Once Pinchin Environmental confirms mold in a unit, Chief Peguis Construction steps in to do the Mold Abatement.

Peguis has trained 22 local band members through Pinchin Environmental. There are currently 48 units that received the Mold Abatement in Peguis First Nation. 20 of the trainees were involved in the Abatement of these 48 units.

Chief Peguis Construction plans on training 20 more band members in the near future and completing 186 more Mold Abatement to units in the community.


Future Projects

  • R C M P Detachment
  • C.F.S Extension
  • Little Saskatchewan F.N Relocation
  • Shamattawa F.N. venture with N.D.L Construction