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Geothermal Energy Homes

Flood Replacement HomesThe PAYS Geothermal Pilot Program is being recognized internationally as a first of it’s kind. The Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs housing department has been working with industry partners including Manitoba Hydro to test alternative energy sources for First Nations housing. Peguis First Nation was selected as the community for the feasibility study that will see up to 50 homes being heated by geothermal energy. The project is being made possible by the Government of Manitoba's New Energy Savings Act, which allows Manitoba Hydro to finance energy efficiency and ground source heat pump projects that have acceptable paybacks.

Chief Peguis Construction Ltd. is employing 10 of trainees from the Geothermal Training and currently in the process of registering as a Certified Geothermal Install Company. We have completed 3 units to date, this qualifies us to become a Certified Geothermal Install company.

The first off-reserve install for a Geothermal Unit will be a home at Winnipeg Beach.

Geothermal technology provides the following benefits:

  1. lower annual heating costs (up to 70 per cent);
  2. reduced environmental impact from lower energy consumption;
  3. increased comfort and proven reliability.

Capital Projects

Peguis ArenaChief Peguis Construction has the capacity and skilled workforce to handle large capital projects.






Home Building

Chief Peguis Construction Ltd. has the capacity to build complete homes from start to finish and train local band members. We are pleased to say that all new homes to be built in Peguis will be built through Chief Peguis Construction Ltd.

As of today, 9 Replacement Homes have been built to replace flood damaged homes in the community. 8 of the 9 homes are currently being occupied.

We a secured a RTM (Ready to Move) home at Winnipeg Beach, once the build is complete the transport to Winnipeg beach will begin. 



Mold Abatement

Mold Abatement is the process of removing and cleaning mold from a mold infected unit. Once Pinchin Environmental confirms mold in a unit, Chief Peguis Construction steps in to do the Mold Abatement.

Peguis has trained 22 local band members through Pinchin Environmental. There are currently 48 units that received the Mold Abatement in Peguis First Nation. 20 of the trainees were involved in the Abatement of these 48 units.

Chief Peguis Construction plans on training 20 more band members in the near future.